Freight Train Preachers

IMG_3669.CR2-001Jack Preacher , plays Lead Guitar and Vocals. Honest Frank, plays Rhythm Guitar , Vocals, and Harmonica,   Davey Drums, and so ’tis handy that he plays Drums and have a guess what the versatile musician Albert  “The Bass” Cullen  does ? ,…..Ya, you’re bang on .. He plays the Bass.  Basically four old blokes in a relatively New Reformed  Country Blues Band, who don’t take themselves or life too seriously,  expecting to woo fans  of  the alternative sermon.




Hard trying to keep a band together.

Some friends you keep and some you lose.

Redemption comes thro’ stormy weather,

..and  The Preachers keep on playing Blues,

 We all get blue, deep in our bones,

A growing need to  free our souls

Love and hate , we pick and choose, 

and the Preachers keep on playing the Blues

The Freight Train Preachers delight in covering  all aspects of human drama  using the Blues platform. There exists a rich brew of emotions that only the Blues can nail down, we promise to rattle little and laugh loads  in the face of life’s demands and Blast all your Blues away  . Catch us at a Gig sometime soon Brothers and Sisters, and we will help you smile at trouble and never let it get you down  !!

You can contact us here in Cork, Ireland 00353 (0)872704478