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Heroes for a Day

A Special Gig for Cork Down Syndrome

We robbed Bowie’s title for this event , the home crowd ensured it was a ticket sell out for the great cause of Cork’s Down Syndrome Center. Yvonne O Connell did Trojan behind the scenes work, Heather the manager of the Sextant bar and beer garden, and the staff here  on Albert Quay went to great lengths to accommodate musicians and all the parents making the venue family friendly. Even the sun stayed shining for the best of the afternoon.

Privileged to share the stage with Karen Jordan, her of the magical singing voice, had  the place enraptured with some beautiful songs. Performing from such a (more…)

The Beauty of a Residency Gig

Promoting your own music, while a thrilling experience, is becoming more of a challenge to keep momentum going, especially in a country rich in musical talent. Talent such as James Walsh of the Goldfish Syndrome, a fella who inspires us to keep going regardless, as he has shown with his latest offering, ‘The Ballad of Christmas Day’.

Our regular residency in The Widows Bar in Glanmire in Co Cork where Jack ( a dyed in the wool blues man ) and myself a  committed folkie, fuse our musical projects in this little suburban city bar, two weekends every month.

We have taken James’s lead and stuck to our guns of being authentic to ourselves and our brand of retro alternative country and blues based music.

OK, we may be vintage stock, road-worn characters, but a growing following looks like our time of attention grabbing is nigh. Slavish devotion to chasing the dollar at all costs was never the reason we took up guitars. Come on down, bring a friend and saviour gutsy bluesy tunes and a welcome change.



No Guarantee of a Happy Music State

Folks in Ireland are up in arms because water charges are to be implemented into every household in the country. Local politicians called by this evening looking for my vote for the upcoming local elections, but all I could think of was our next gig in Mulls Bar in Mallow. Like, how important is music to Ireland ? Where is the (more…)

Freight Train Preachers Are Back in Town

Were Back !!! Bright Spots Amid the Gloom and Garth Brookes

After a year in the harsh music wilderness we have decided to re-launch ourselves again on an unsuspecting public, or whatever public will have us.

Sure, we had a few issues to resolve, but it would appear that we were not the only ones.. (more…)

Woody Guthrie’s Influence on Us

As we were packing up after a gig recently, and loading the wagon, mumbling our complaints as we split our spoils, we wondered if Woody Guthrie was alive, would he see all this as opportunity? We are certain that Woody would see the current world state as a harvest-time for songwriters and protesters alike. (more…)

A Free Lesson from HMV

About five years ago for a bargain of €15, my mate and I brought the American Recordings CD by Johnny Cash in the big HMV music store in Cork. We envied not only those who worked behind the counter with a (more…)