Salvation Via Blues in Cork

the Freight Train PreachersThanks friend, for visiting the site, you are indeed welcome. We are The Freight Train Preachers, four  vintage Dads , out for a laugh at life, embracing music with a heavily weighted Blues and Roots  influence.

Originally an acoustic duo in a previous life, we’ve gathered two more willing souls, ripped out Fenders, adding Electric Blues to our acoustic currency. Honest Frank on Vocals, rhythm  guitar, harmonica, Preacher Jack, lead guitar, vocals, and the priest of percussion Davey on Drums and seasoned Bass  anchor man driving that preacher engine, Albert Cullen  on Bass.

We do classic blues numbers, as well as our own material which stems from long and collective dazzling career changes. Our influences span , Albert King,  Muddy Waters, BB King, with liberal sprinklings of Springsteen,  Young, Petty the man in Black and of course  “thee” Bob himself. At times we will air those fifties jump jiving tunes from less well known artists. This is the answer we give when folks asked “What kinda stuff do ye play lads ” So The Waterboys would fall into this pocket, Garth Brooks and Mike Denver et al may not , tee hee.

Expect the Freight Train Preachers to swing you all around the basic human emotions of love, pain, guilt, revenge, kindness, jealousy and anger and back to love.

Our salvation is firmly fixed in raw emotions of the Blues, ’cause once the deal is done, its done. We may have been labelled as outlaws and even discreet undercover Bible Bashers but we certainly stand for those feeling threatened under the feet of oppression, those on the margins of society, the lost souls, the misfits and therefore use our blend of music as a positive support to sympathize with these folks without a voice and unable to defend themselves.

So friend, appreciate you stopping by to read our tale, if you wish to book us for an occasion and like our brand of music and what we stand for please get in touch and come along to one of our upcoming shows and spread the good news and may your own God bless you

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